Essential Poop

Sometimes poop time just isn't as great as you want it to be. That's where Poop comes into play. Part of our essential line, poop makes your trips to the washroom a much smoother experience so you can get on with your day and feel more energized. 

All-Natural, Quick Relief
Prebiotics / Probiotics / Digestive Enzymes

• Helps cleanse your colon
• Supports daily digestive health
• Aids in smooth bowel movements
• Alleviates digestive discomfort


What is POOP?

Q. I notice ESSENTIAL POOP contains a mix of prebiotics and probiotics. What’s the difference between the two?

A. Put simply, prebiotics help feed the good bacteria that are already in your intestine – much like a “fertilizer.” Probiotics are different in that they contain live organisms (aka bacteria) that are directly added to the healthy microbe population in your digestive tract. Both prebiotics and probiotics support better digestive health and that “lighter,” healthier feeling associated with a smooth-running gut. As well, both can be consumed through food or supplements. ESSENTIAL POOP can ensure you’re getting enough prebiotics and probiotics throughout your day for maximum digestive comfort and overall wellness.

Q. What do the digestive enzymes in ESSENTIAL POOP do?

A. Like their name implies, digestive enzymes help your body to properly digest the food that you eat and to absorb more nutrients in the process. While your body naturally produces its own digestive enzymes (in such places as the pancreas and small intestine), you may experience digestive enzyme deficiency. In this case, the digestive process would be slowed, you might feel digestive discomfort, and your system would have a harder time breaking down your meals. Also, you could be eating well, but your body would be struggling to absorb all of that great nutrition. ESSENTIAL POOP not only helps your body to more efficiently digest food; it helps keep you regular and discomfort-free throughout your day.