About us

A bit about us, but more about you

About Us …

Before developing Furious Formulations, we took a good, hard look at the sports supplement industry. Sure, there were some decent products out there, but we also saw room for improvement. Not through hype or sensationalism, but through reliable, science-based supplements that did what they claimed to do: work. Shouldn’t you expect no less?

About You …

We’ve never met, but we know you have goals. Maybe you want to lift heavier, run faster, train harder, or simply be better at your sport. We may not know your individual story, but we know the universal pride that comes from conquering a goal. That’s why we always spend the extra time and effort to do things right, like investing in scientific research and third-party product testing. If our painstaking attention to detail can help you reach your goals – even in a small way – well, then we’ve done something right. Here’s to your success!



Our mission is to help people become the most awesome version of themselves, and to stay dedicated for life.