Goku Gains 3-Pack STACK

3 Tub Stack (our best deal!)

Pre-Workout Mind-Muscle Connection 
Proprietary Energy Blend / High in Vitamins / Low in Sugar 

• Supercharges your energy levels for maximum results 
• Provides up to 8 hours of mental focus and alertness 
• Enhances strength, performance, and muscle building 
• Helps you bust out of stubborn plateaus 
• The best flavors you have ever tried!
Black Mystery (Best Before 3/2020), Juicy Melons (Best Before 3/2020), Yummy Gummy Gasms (Best Before 4/2020)Although it is up to your discretion to use the flavors noted after this date, we have found from personal experience and use that our powders (Goku Gains in this situation) last well past a year after this date without any clumping or taste change. 

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